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EduKidsRoom-PreK&Toddler Games

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Best Early Learning Games For Pre-Kindergarten Kids To Learn Shapes, Learn Colors, Learn Numbers & Tell The Time. Also Great to Teach Homeschool & Kids With Autism.▶▶Cubic Frog™ Preschool Montessori Toddler Games Include:
✓Learn Colors- Play With Color Puzzle ,Learn Colors & Color Recognition.✓Learn Alphabet- Learn ABC By Playing Preschool ABC Memory. ✓Learn Numbers- Learn Counting, Learn Numbers By Matching Number Puzzle For Children. ✓Learn Shapes - Amazing Shape Puzzles Designed For Children To Learn Geometric Shapes & Their Names. Great To Learn Toddler Shapes, Preschool Shapes, Shape Recognition.✓Learn Matching, Learn Pairing - Match Similar Design Shorts & Shirts.✓Learn Time, Learn Clock- Two Amazing Toddler Clock Games Will Teach Children Tell The Time.✓Toddler Puzzles, Preschool Puzzles & Shape Builders- Robot Builder, Toddler Train, Xylophone Puzzle With Sounds Are Great For Toddler Shapes. ✓Learn Real Life Skills! Hanging Clothes, Pair The Shoes & Children Will Learn Sorting & Organizing By Putting All The Dirty Clothes In The Laundry Basket.
▶▶Approved By Preschool Teachers & Parents To Be The Best Learning Game For Toddlers & Preschoolers With More Than 3 Million Downloads On Apple App Store! This Educational Game Is A Series Of 16 Mini Games Focuses On Different Early Concepts In Child Development & Will Help Your Toddler To Improve Skills In Problem Solving, Logical & Cognitive Skills, Concentration & Memory.
▶▶Features :
✓Professional Instruction Voiceover In A Clear Voice With Perfect Pronunciation For Independent Play & Vocabulary Building!✓ User Friendly Setting Page Lets Parents Customize By Turning Each Game On Or Off! ✓ Two Different Skill Levels, Easy (2, 3 Year Old), Normal (3, 4, 5 Year Old)! ✓Great For Independent Play, Homeschool, Children With Learning Differences, Special Needs, & Kids On The Autism Spectrum.
▶▶Cubic Frog™ Educational Apps Are:
•Great Games For Early Childhood Education•Great Games For Girls & Boys•Great Games For 1 Year Old, 2 Year Old, 3 Year Old, 4 Year Old, 5 Year Old, 6 Year Old Children•Great Games For Toddlers•Learning Games For Preschoolers•Educational Games For Pre-K & Kindergarteners•Great Game For Autistic Kids, Asperger & On The Autism Spectrum •Great Games For Children With Learning Differences & Special Needs•Great Learning Tools For Preschool Teachers To Use In Their Classroom•Great Game For Babysitters To Teach Children•2 Year Old Learning Games•3 Year Old Learning Games•4 Year Old Learning Games•Great Games For Parents, Mom, Dads, Grandparents, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Caregivers & Anyone Who Wants To Teach Kids.
▶▶This Frog Games Toddler Eduapp Learning Game Is Great For Preschool Teachers Or Parents To:
Teach Colors To Kids, Teach Preschool ColorsTeach Kids Time With Analog ClockTeach SortingTeach Kids LogicTeach Problem SolvingTeach ABCDTeach Basic Math, Numbers & CountingTeach Matching & Pairing Teach ShapesTeach Kids Motor Skills
If you look for Toddler Games, Preschool Games, Toddler Colors, Preschool Colors, Toddler Shapes, Preschool Shapes, download Cubic Frog Apps now!
★★★★★ So brilliant! I love this app for my kids. It has so much for them to learn while having fun. Thank you so much.★★★★★ This is the best app for my 2 and 4 yr. Old.